The first week of MantaWatch Internship Program 2019 has already passed, and we’ve been very busy all week. Today was a day off, and we decided to explore Labuan Bajo.

First we visited Batu Cermin Cave. We saw different rock formations including umbrella stones and caves. This is a great place to explore if you are in Labuan Bajo, especially during the heat of the day.  

Batu Cermin

Rock formations at Batu Cermin

Next we planned to watch the sunset. Sunset in Labuan Bajo is always beautiful. After moving from hill to hill, we eventually found the perfect spot. We watched the sun go down behind the hills of Komodo Island, and took lots of photos and videos!


Sunset over Komodo Island

Unfortunately, we saw something else. Do you know what it was? As far as we could see, there were plastic bottles and other garbage all around the area. So ironic, isn’t it? The best spot to view sunset is actually dirty.

As an Indonesian this made me feel a little embarrassed. Imagine if you are a tourist who has travelled half way around the world, and all you see is garbage. I hope we can all do a few small steps to reduce our plastic footprint. It can be as easy as bringing your own reusable water bottle and saying no to single use plastics like drinking straws. 

Chatarina Rika

Chatarina Rika

Diver with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Food Processing, Food Safety Management System, Public Speaking, Food Technology, and Scuba Diving. Strong operations professional with a 2015 focused in Food Technology and Processing from Universitas Gadjah Mada.