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Media coverage and reports about MantaWatch and our projects:

Mobula Rays Dance with Extinction

Mobula rays are threatened with extinction. The number of mobulas in Indonesian waters is decreasing due to illegal harvests (Indonesian)

UNDIP Alumni Win Award to Conserve Mobula Rays

An alumnus of Diponegoro University, Amelia Setya Nur Kumala, has been awarded a Future Conservationist Award to protected mobula rays from the UK's Conservation Leadership Program (Indonesian)

To The Rescue

A nationwide ban on fishing for manta rays was introduced in Indonesia earlier this year, the result of scientific study and pressure from conservation groups and divers. We meet some of the women behind the ban - the activists, scientists, divers and photographers with a passion for mantas and commitment to conservation.

Massive Manta Sanctuary Announced

The tourism industry in Indonesia is still celebrating the news from February 21, when the Government declared the entire archipelago - an area of approximately 5.8 million square kilometers - to be the world's largest manta ray sanctuary.

Tragedy at Tanjung Luar

An east Lombok, Indonesia, fish market - Tanjung Luar - is a butcher shop for sharks and mantas - what can be done? Conservationists are working hard to shine a light on the illegal fishery here and recently had reason to celebrate - Indonesia announced that it is creating a sanctuary for manta rays, banning fishing for these animals within the country's exclusive economic zone.

Ray of hope for mantas

A marine biologist from Andover is celebrating after playing an instrumental part in the creation of the world’s largest manta ray sanctuary in Indonesia.

Manta Rays Fly High in Indonesia

On 21st February, 2014 the government of Indonesia declared the entire Archipelago as a Manta Ray Sanctuary. This new protection for these gentle giants of the marine world is a great win for conservation and diving tourism in the extensive island nation. There is approx 5.8 million square kilometers of ocean in Indonesia.

Tauchen in Indonesien: Manta, Manta

Wer Glück hat, sieht bei einem einzigen Tauchgang Dutzende Mantas: Im indonesischen Komodo-Nationalpark locken die majestätischen Meerestiere Wassersportler aus aller Welt an. Manche sind so beeindruckt, dass sie spontan beim Tierschutz helfen.

Indonesia Creates Huge Shark Sanctuary

On August 24, 2014 the Indonesian district of West Manggarai and Komodo declared their entire marine and coastal waters as a shark and manta sanctuary.

West Manggarai and Komodo Creates 7,000 km2 Shark and Manta Ray Sanctuary

In a country where the environment is very often sacrificed in the name of “business”, finally we welcome very good news that demonstrates that in Indonesia there are politicians more interested in the future of this wonderful land than the desire to fill their pockets.

Komodo Dive Operators, MantaWatch Pivotal in Establishing Shark, Manta Ray Sanctuary

The Indonesian district of West Manggarai and Komodo has recently designated its entire marine and coastal waters as a manta ray and shark sanctuary. This region is home to some of the world’s richest marine biodiversity, including more than 10 shark species, and both oceanic (Manta birostris) and reef manta rays (Manta alfredi).

West Manggarai establishes shark, manta ray sanctuary

West Manggarai Regent Agustinus Ch. Dula designated in late August his entire regency’s marine and coastal waters as a shark and manta ray sanctuary, a decision that has drawn strong support from local environmentalists, the tourist industry and water sports operators.

Mantas Give Clues on a Future ‘Blue Economy’

Deep below the surface of Manta Alley, amid the racing currents and clear blue waters of Komodo National Park, underwater photographers and divers twist and spin, jockeying for the perfect shot. Fifteen meters above, a bevy of rhythmic mantas, boasting three-meter wingspans, put on a three-ring performance, effortlessly swooping and whirling past awestruck admirers.

Komodo Island Create Shark, Manta Ray Sanctuary

Komodo Island designated the district's entire marine and coastal waters as a shark and manta ray sanctuary. According to a press release sent to Tempo by the West Manggarai and Komodo district administration, fishing for manta rays, threatened sharks, and other threatened species such as turtles, Dugong, Napoleon wrasse and some coral species, throughout the district's 7,000 sq km waters that extend up to 12 nautical miles offshore, is now banned.

Conservation: Saving the Mantas of Komodo

From communities to governments to the private sector. The notion shared and echoed by the entire dive community within Labuan Bajo, Indonesia, is that the future of the reef and its inhabitants lies, in part, with dive operators.