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Are you ready to play an important role conserving manta rays and our marine ecosystems? If your answer is yes, read on to learn how you can help.

Help us monitor manta ray populations

Are you a diver or snorkeller, with an interest in underwater photography? By reporting your manta encounters or uploading your photographs to MantaWatch Online, you can help us track manta populations.  You can report your manta Report your if you have any photos of manta in your archives, you can upload them to Check your archives

Don’t have any photos? No problem! Log in to MantaWatch Online and help us identify and match mantas from their ID photos.

Login to MantaWatch Online to begin.

Adopt the manta code of conduct

If you are diving or snorkelling with mantas, follow the manta code of conduct to maximise your encounter.

These seven simple steps will help you enjoy longer and more spectacular encounters, whilst minimising your impact on the environment.

Read the manta code of conduct.

Sign the petition to save manta rays

Manta rays are a charismatic species listed under several international conservation agreements, including the Convention on Migratory Species and Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. Despite this, manta rays are unmanaged in many countries throughout their range, and face increasing pressure from fishing, pollution and coastal development.

Sign our petition, and encourage the Government of Indonesia to adopt a leading stance on marine conservation by managing this majestic species across the world’s largest archipelagic nation. Find out more here.

Support our work

Give your time, expertise or financial donations to support our conservation efforts.

We appreciate financial donations, but we also greatly value contributions of equipment, professional expertise, and help to raise awareness for our campaigns. Find out how you can help to support our work.