We have had a busy first week of MIP-2019. Our interns have learned a lot of new information about manta ray conservation, scientific diving and communications, and have had an energetic two days on the boat completing their PADI Advanced Open Water training.

Today we were back in in the classroom. But no seminars today, as now it was time for the interns to put all that they have learned so far into practice.

Over the past week week our four interns have learned about effective communication for conservation. They have learned how to identify a target audience, to develop a key message, and to promote action and behaviour change.

The interns’ video diary provides an opportunity to practice these new skills. We spent the morning developing and refining a storyboard for this video. Once the plan was complete, it was time to record any additional footage or voiceovers that were needed.

In the afternoon we turned our attention to communicating to a technical audience. Over the course of their internship, the interns are tasked with preparing a technical report about their experiences. During this first week we have focussed on preparing an introductory chapter.

During today’s exercise we discussed how to identify supporting information, and how to structure an introductory storyline. Together we explored how to identify the most relevant background information and the needs of our target audience.

I have been very impressed by the outputs that this year’s interns have produced already. They have not only learned a number of new skills, but have applied these skills in their own work.

Have they produced the best MIP Week 1 video yet? You can be the judge….

Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey

CEO & Founder

Andrew Harvey is a marine conservation scientist specialising in biodiversity monitoring, marine protected areas and community conservation. He is the founder of MantaWatch, an organisation that is applying emerging social technologies to raise awareness and develop tools for manta ray conservation.