Today it’s the third day of our internship! And it was very challenging, because we were practicing to do Manta Briefing. At the first, it was really tense and we got so many feedbacks from Andy. Because he always wanted us to be better and better than before. If you want to know more about Manta Briefing, you can read more in this link I’m sure your diving with manta will be more enjoyable 🙂 

After that, we learned about how to report our Manta Survey by using MantaWatch Online. I thought it was very hard to do but actually it was really easy! That’s why, it will be great if you can help us to collect your data if you meet them when you are diving. Just go to  MantaWatch Online website: and all you need to do is sign in – create your ocean report – add your encounters. It’s so easy right? We don’t need to go to college to be a citizen scientist! 

Next we discussed about communication conservation, it was about how we communicate in a proper way in order to deliver conservation message. In every communication the we make, we should put three important points : Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior. So, every communication that we make, we should share the knowledge and give the affection to them. And we hope there is a positive behavior change after we communicate with them. So when we talk about conservation, make sure that they not only understand the message but also move them to something good for the enviroment.

And tomorrow we will do our first dive, hope we’ll see our first manta! So stay tune! 

Williem Hartono

Williem Hartono

Williem Hartono is a B.Sc. Marine Science student at the Univeristy of Padjadjaran. His interests include designing innovative approaches to educate and inspire coastal communities to manage their local marine resources. He is currently planning his undergraduate research, and hopes to study the environmental factors influencing manta cleaning behaviour.