When you are very busy, time passes quickly. The first week of MIP-2018 is already passed, and today was a day off for the interns and the mentors.

During the week we had talked about our plans for this day. We thought about exploring some of the sites around Labuan Bajo. There are so many options. days before. There are so many options, from the caves of Batu Cermin and Goa Rangko, to the waterfalls of Cunca Wulang and the beach at Pantai Pede. We were all very excited.
However, when our day off finally came, our plans changed. After a busy week, all we wanted to do was stay at home. Besides, we had things to do. The interns were busy working on their weekly video, and I couldn’t wait to watch it. And of course, we had our housekeeping tasks to do.

By midday we had finished our tasks, and we decided to play a game. Miko taught us a card game that he had learned during his exchange to Germany. The game was called Wizard, and is very unique. You must predict how many times you will win, and then make a strategy to achieve your prediction. If you win too many times, you lose! It was a lot of fun.

Later in the afternoon, I suggested that we find one of the best spots to watch the sunset. Sunset in Labuan Bajo is always beautiful, and never disappoints. Labuan Bajo is surrounded by hills, and so there are many options for watching the sunset. We found one of the highest hills just in time, and watched the sun sink behind the rugged hills of Komodo Island. The view was even more stunning with all the wooden phinisi boats moored along the coast.

Even though we did not explore all the places we had planned, our day off was productive and fun, and we have new energy for the week ahead.

Vidlia Rosady

Vidlia Rosady

Project Coordinator

Vidlia earned her B.Sc. Marine Science from Padjadjaran University. After successfully completing MIP-2013 she participated in MIP-2015 and MIP-2016 as a trainer and mentor. Vidlia received a Conservation Leadership Programme Future Conservationist Award to investigate Indonesia’s mobula ray fisheries, during which she had the opportunity to participate in conservation leadership and communication training at the […]