At the end of the first week, the MantaWatch Interns are continuing their intensive education while adapting to a new working environment.

This morning we had a change of scenery, with Bajo Bakery becoming our classroom! Our focus was data analysis using R. R is a programming language for statistical analysis and data visualisation. This tool can help us to analyze the data we collect during MIP and present it as an interactive map. It is a steep learning curve, but the Interns are studying hard to grasp the concept and overcome the difficulties. Moreover, I believe in the future, these data processing and analysis skills will be valuable for the MantaWatch Interns, supporting them to be excellent scientists, decision-maker and conservationists.


Learning how to analyse data with R

This afternoon we turned our focus to the first video diary of MIP-2016. In this video, the Interns will share the story of their first week of the internship program. Making a good video is not as easy as it sound. It has to be planned well if it is to communicate the desired story. This afternoon the Interns learned how to create a storyboard – a very useful exercise that saves a lot of time, practices strategic planning and group collaboration skills. I cannot wait to see their hard work!

Over the past week we have all begun to know each other better. We learned to share our thoughts and ideas during group discussions, to build good teamwork, and to perform with punctuality and professionalism. For us mentors, it has been pleasure getting to know these future conservation leader.

The first week has been a great start to the program, and I am looking forward to the days ahead which are set to be even more exciting!

Muhammad Ichsan

Muhammad Ichsan

Ichsan earned his M.Sc. Conservation Biology from the University of Queensland, Australia and B.Sc. Marine Science from the University of Padjadjaran (UNPAD), Indonesia. Drawing on the experiences he gained during MIP-2012, Ichsan successfully submitted his undergraduate thesis on the environmental factors influencing the temporal distribution of manta rays in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. He founded […]

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