Today was a complete change from our activities of the past two weeks. No scuba diving. No salt water. No manta survey. No data entry. No seminars or discussions. Sometimes we need a day off from the normal routine, to refresh ready for the next two weeks.

Our plan was to go looking for fresh water. For the past two weeks we’ve been doing activities in the water, but today was different as we played and had fun in the fresh water of Cunca Wulang waterfall.

Cunca Wulang is a unique place in West Manggarai. It was one of the top tourist attractions, alongside the Komodo dragon and the amazing underwater ecosystems.

Cunca Wulang is not too far from Labuan Bajo. We all rented motorcycles, and it took us only 1.5 hours to get there. But the road was a very unpredictable thing, with narrow sections, potholes and many steep hills.

We got as close as we could by motorcycle, and then hiked the final 45 minutes. We were hot and exhausted, but the effort paid off when we arrived at the beautiful waterfall and dived in.


Cooling off in Cunca Wulang

One thing to try at Cunca Wulang is jumping from the cliff into the water. It is 7 meters tall, and very scary! Dhanmo was brave and led the way, followed by me, then Tami, Ditta, Gerald and Ayu. Niomi was last, and we had to wait more than 30 minutes while she worked up the courage to jump!

We took lots of photos and had great fun at the waterfall, going round and round in the circular currents under the waterfall. Finally we headed for home, tired but refreshed for the week ahead.


Are we brave enough to jump?

Evi Ihsan

Evi Ihsan

Evi has a B.Sc. Marine Science and Oceanography from the University of Diponogoro. After successfully completing MIP-2014 he was selected to join The Nature Conservancy’s expedition team as a Coral Reef Fish Specialist during a Rapid Ecological Assessment of the Savu Sea Marine Protected Area. Evi is currently the Monitoring and Surveillance Officer for WWF-Indonesia’s […]