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Hello, I’m Vidlia Rosady, one of the 2013 MantaWatch Interns. I’m still an undergraduate student at Padjadjaran University, majoring in Marine Science.

There are a few important (and fun) things that I’d like to share with this year’s interns. I’ll start with the most important: always feel happy during your internship! Actually I wasn’t very experienced with diving or conducting field surveys when I joined the Internship Program, but I remained happy and excited during every dive and every survey that we did in Komodo. Our mentors always evaluated us and gave us feedback. And we also evaluated and gave feedback to them! Now, in every field survey that I’m involved in, I always make sure that we give evaluations and feedback to strengthen our teamwork.

Collecting data in the field is also an important thing. We were given logbooks to complete after every dive, which really helped me learn how to manage data (sometimes I know I can be a disorganized person!).

And finally, communication skills and having the courage to ask questions, even if you think they are stupid questions but you are curious to know the answer.

After I completed the MantaWatch Internship Program, I still had one more semester of classes to complete at Padjadjaran University. When I went back to my classes, I had changed in a good way. I don’t hesitate anymore to ask my professors or answer their questions. As a student I’m still learning, and we’re all allowed to make mistakes sometimes (except in exams ☺ ).

I had a lot of fun during my internship. I can’t tell you everything, but I will share the most exciting moments that still give me courage today. I gave short presentations every day to the tourists on the dive boats, and I had to speak in English every time! I met manta rays and many other fish. I learned more about marine laws and regulations. I prepared teaching materials for elementary school students. And I gave a final presentations to a big audience. Everything was fun, I learned so much, and I made new friends. The best experience I’ve ever had! I can’t wait to meet this year’s interns.

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Vidlia Rosady

Vidlia Rosady

Project Coordinator

Vidlia earned her B.Sc. Marine Science from Padjadjaran University. After successfully completing MIP-2013 she participated in MIP-2015 and MIP-2016 as a trainer and mentor. Vidlia received a Conservation Leadership Programme Future Conservationist Award to investigate Indonesia’s mobula ray fisheries, during which she had the opportunity to participate in conservation leadership and communication training at the […]