I am interested in the conservation of marine species, and how man and nature can live together sustainably. In recent decades the exploitation of nature has affected many living things. I hope to spread awareness about these issues, and to contribute to direct actions to protect nature.

I am currently in my third year of studying for a degree in Marine Science at Padjadaran University. Alongside my studies, I have also served as the Head of the university’s Fisheries Information and Communication Division, am a member of the Marine Science Diving Organization, and am the current Vice President of the Marine Science Student Association. Last year I helped to establish an Endangered Species Community.

I am very interested in photography and journalism. Through my Associations I have organized several events about using photography and journalism to communicate and raise awareness about conservation issues.

I am very happy to be selected for a Guy’s Trust MantaWatch Award. I hope that through this opportunity I can develop my knowledge and experience, and to share this knowledge with my friends to help develop the quality of our Marine Science students.

Muhammad Ichsan

Muhammad Ichsan

Ichsan earned his M.Sc. Conservation Biology from the University of Queensland, Australia and B.Sc. Marine Science from the University of Padjadjaran (UNPAD), Indonesia. Drawing on the experiences he gained during MIP-2012, Ichsan successfully submitted his undergraduate thesis on the environmental factors influencing the temporal distribution of manta rays in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. He founded […]

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