MantaWatch conserves threatened manta rays by promoting participation, developing technologies, and delivering professional training. MantaWatchers are citizen scientists who provide critical data on the status of manta populations. MantaWatch Online is the world’s first social web application dedicated to open, transparent and participative manta ray research and conservation. The MantaWatch Internship Program is a professional training program for future marine leaders in developing countries.


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Vote for the 2016 MantaWatch Interns

Vote for the four young marine conservation leaders who have what it takes to become 2016 MantaWatch Interns

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Manta Rays Protected in Maldives

The Republic of Maldives has today protected mantas, mobulas and other rays throughout the entire country.

manta and diver

Indonesia Creates World’s Largest Manta Sanctuary

Indonesia creates a manta ray sanctuary spanning almost 6 million square kilometers, and fully protects mantas throughout the country

Meet marine wildlife

MantaWatch Internship – have you got what it takes?

Applications are open for the 2016 MantaWatch Internship Program. Young marine conservationist and future leaders can apply today to launch their career.

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