Sign our petition to Save Manta Rays in Indonesia. With 1000 signatures we can present this proposal to the Indonesian Minster for the Environment.

Politicians keep talking about the threat of biodiversity loss. But nothing happens. Those of us who care have got to put pressure on the world’s governments to stop saying one thing and doing something completely different. – Prof Sir John Lawton



[intlink id=”78″ type=”post”]Manta ray fisheries are increasing exponentially in Indonesia[/intlink]. In some small communities, catches have increased from 200 to almost 2000 mantas per year! The expanding Chinese medicine and [intlink id=”80″ type=”post”]shark fin[/intlink] industries are driving this rapid growth.

Manta ray catch

Indonesia is the worlds largest exporter of sharks and rays, accounting for 15% of world trade. But manta fisheries are largely unregulated in Indonesia, and actual harvests are likely to be far greater than reported figures. Meanwhile local manta populations are declining. Fishermen are having to travel further and further to sustain their catches and their livelihoods.

We must not stand back and watch while natural wonders and social well-being are sacrificed to crass carelessness and short-termism!

On 5 October 2010, the UK’s Guardian newspaper wrote to Indonesia’s Minister for the Environment asking him to ban “shark finning” in Indonesia waters. Professional scientists have identified this single action as one of the most important steps towards reducing rates of global biodiversity loss.

So far there has been little response, and the [intlink id=”72″ type=”post”]Indonesia Government is playing catchup on shark conservation[/intlink], although [intlink id=”139″ type=”post”]one district mayor has taken some positive steps[/intlink].

Here at MantaWatch, we think that banning shark finning is an important step towards ensuring a sustainable future for Indonesia’s marine resources. But we think more should be done!

We want to add our support to the Guardian. We want to write to Indonesia’s Minister for the Environment ourselves. And we want to urge him to also pay attention to declining manta populations and the lack of regulation for all manta and shark fisheries in Indonesia. But we need your help.

Sign our petition to “Save Manta Rays in Indonesia”. You can sign by registering your details here, or simply by clicking the Facebook button below. Easy!



Our target is 1000 signatories. Ambitious, but we think enough of you care! We certainly do.

When we reach our target, or on the 1 March 2011, whichever comes first, we will present our proposal to the Indonesian Minster for the Environment.

So please pledge your support today, and ask the Indonesian Minister for the Environment to demonstrate his commitment to concrete actions that conserve mantas, and sustain marine resources and the communities that depend on them.

If you live in Indonesia, show your concern about the sustainability of your natural resources by signing this petition. If you live elsewhere, sign the petition to demonstrate that you think mantas and sharks are worth more to Indonesia alive than dead.

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Thank you for helping to make a difference.

Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey

CEO & Founder

Andrew Harvey is a marine conservation scientist specialising in biodiversity monitoring, marine protected areas and community conservation. He is the founder of MantaWatch, an organisation that is applying emerging social technologies to raise awareness and develop tools for manta ray conservation.