MantaWatch Internship Program

MIP Indonesia

Specifically designed for young marine conservationists and future leaders currently enrolled in marine conservation, research or management programs at universities in Indonesia.


Professional development and training for exceptional students in fields related to marine conservation, research or management and enrolled in universities outside Indonesia.


Practical skills, theoretical knowledge and the MantaWatch network.


MantaWatch Interns receive targeted conservation training and work alongside MantaWatch’s conservation team. They plan and implement scientific dives, learn how to manage and analyse large datasets, and participate in seminars and discussions on contemporary marine conservation and sustainable development issues.


MantaWatch Interns learn how to work effectively with stakeholders to achieve conservation goals. From Marine and Fishery Agencies, to local schools and universities, to marine tourism operators and local communities. MantaWatch Interns develop the skills to promote collaboration and consensus.


MantaWatch Interns are future leaders and ambassadors for marine conservation. Through training and practical experience, Interns learn how to communicate complex concepts effectively to a range of target audiences, whether international tourists, government officials, school children or fellow students.

The MantaWatch Internship Program (MIP) is a strategic investment in young marine scientists and future marine leaders, developed in partnership with Guy’s Trust.

MIP is specifically designed for students pursuing a career in marine conservation, research or management, and who are willing to make a long-term commitment to preserving and protecting our oceans.

MantaWatch Interns gain hands-on experience working within a manta ray research and conservation team, and develop the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary for species and ecosystem conservation. The program emphasises diverse learning and experience objectives including:

  • Scientific diving;
  • Experimental design;
  • Data collection and management;
  • Fisheries and conservation management;
  • Citizen science;
  • Science communication;
  • Outreach and education;
  • Non-profit operations; and
  • Public speaking.

MantaWatch Interns are provided with a unique opportunity to:

  • Learn about manta rays and other threatened marine species and habitats;
  • Develop conservation skills and experience, while assisting MantaWatch and our partners to achieve conservation goals;
  • Help preserve and protect threatened marine species and habitats by working with local government agencies, NGOs, and other partners to address important conservation issues;
  • Meet and network with conservationists, researchers, agency personnel, marine tourism operators and other interns;
  • Become sources of information, mentors and Manta Ambassadors for others interested in marine conservation issues;
  • Obtain college credit (if approved by an accredited university).

Every year we award a small number of Guy Joseph MantaWatch Awards to exceptional students selected for the program. These fully funded scholarships are awarded in partnership with Guy’s Trust.


At the forefront of marine conservation and sustainable development.

Ayu Ginanjar Syukur

After successfully completing MIP-2014, Ayu graduated from Bogor Agricultural Institute with a B.Sc. Fisheries Science. She is currently the Responsible Marine Tourism Assistant for WWF-Indonesia, where she has helped to develop and promote responsible tourism practices including creating manta ray watching guidelines that have now been published by Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

Satria Afnan Pranata

Satria graduated from Bogor Agricultural Institute with a B.Sc. Fisheries Science. He is currently the Technical Service and Sales Executive for PT Sinta Prima Feedmill, where he supports sustainable, small-scale aquaculture producers in Sumatra. He occasionally conducts coral and fish surveys for the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

Haries Sukandar

After successfully completing MIP-2015, Haries participated in the MIP-2016 roadshow where he visited several universities across Indonesia to promote the internship program. He was the Chairman of the Marine Diving Club at the University of Diponogoro, and is the part-time Public Awareness Program Coordinator for TAKA, an Indonesian marine conservation NGO. Haries is currently completing […]


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